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Snifty Success Breeds Success

Inventor/Entrepreneur Joy Mangano of the Air Care Products understands that people are sensitive about smell – no one wants their home smelling like fried fish even if it tasted delicious for dinner.


Always on the leading edge with fun and practical solutions for everyday household challenges, Mangano partnered with Swiss fragrance company Givaudan to test fragrances and develop a new line of air freshener that effectively eliminates and removes odors.


Givaudan perfumers combined customized fragrances with proprietary mal-odor technology in Auracell®, a natural polymer developed by Rotuba


Extruders, Inc. based on Eastman Tenite™ cellulosics. The result: Forever Fragrant™ – a long lasting home fragrance product.


"When I discovered this technology, I knew that the application and development of it would revolutionize the home fragrance market," says Mangano. “I am proud to say it has earned the Good Housekeeping seal."


Developed by Mangano exclusively for HSN, Forever Fragrant™ was launched in summer 2009 with four scents – Garden Fresh, Tranquil Escape, Vanilla Amber and Fresh Linen. Within 20 minutes, 30,000 sets were sold out. Two months later, 100,000 sets were purchased in less than an hour.


A Forever Fragrant™ set consists of a hand-crafted glass vase with 32 matching scented sticks which can be displayed like a home décor piece. The design is simple, no action required: just let the aromatic sticks do their job. Each set includes two scented discs that can be used to freshen the inside of a car or placed in drawers, closets, gym bags, luggage and even shoes.


The inherent breathability and scent encapsulation of Auracell® are what make Forever Fragrant™ stand apart from competitive products.


"This technology allows us to infuse the fragrance so it permeates consistently, and does so throughout a two-year period," says Cosimo Policastro of Givaudan.


"Forever Fragrant™™ doesn’t mask odors; it changes the molecular content,” Mangano tells HSN viewers. “Like a sponge, it sucks in musty smells and odors from pets, smoking or cooking and naturally emits a fresh scent.”


The popularity of Forever Fragrant™ is augmented by consumers’ increased awareness and demand for eco-friendly products and packaging. Auracell® is derived from wood pulp, a renewable resource. Mangano adds: “It feels like wood, sounds like wood and is as natural as plastic can be.”


With Forever Fragrant™ and its longevity, consumers find that they can save money and reduce waste. No more worry of spilling oils, constantly buying refills, throwing away spent containers, or using electricity to get the job done.


The sense of smell has been called the most powerful of human senses. So Forever Fragrant™, as Mangano puts it, will “rock the home fragrance world.”

About Rotuba
For more than 60 years, Rotuba has been an industry leader in plastic compounding, with its brands including Auracell™ and Naturacell™. Today, Rotuba is at the forefront of the shift to a greener industry with Auracell, a polymer derived from trees and cotton that can incorporate long-lasting scents. Auracell can be reprocessed, recycled and reused in most applications, making it a smart choice for manufacturers looking to meet increasing green demands around the world.

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