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Scentcessories- A Difference You Can Smell

Costume jewelry that looks good is a given. Jewelry that smells good…well, that's different.


And this is the inspiration behind a new line of scented jewelry and accessories, called Scentcessories, created by Claire's, a leading specialty retailer in costume jewelry and accessories for fashion conscious tweens and teens.


What separates the line of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, headbands and hair claws from the rest of the pack is the material used to make them – Auracell® scented natural polymer developed by Rotuba Extruders Inc. based on Eastman's Tenite™ cellulosics.


"Auracell® is a different way of delivering fragrance," says Adam Bell, president of Rotuba. "The aroma is encapsulated into the material so the fragrance is authentic and can be effectively delivered over a long period of time."


Scentcessories showcases the sensory attributes of Auracell® – from its warm-to-the-touch feel and wood-like sound to its glossy appearance.


"The products capture the essence of Auracell® in a subtle, highly individual way," says Bell. "You don't need a lot of the material to achieve the desired effect."


This enabled Claire's designers to use less Auracell® in the bracelets and necklaces. A small percentage of the beads are made of the scented material, with the rest produced from acrylic.


"The design is a good example of how Auracell® – a premium material because it is scented and made from wood pulp – can be combined with other materials to be more cost effective while still using the power of scent to differentiate a product," Bell explains.


Scentcessories are available at Claire's stores in six scents and colors: Berry Breeze (turquoise blue); Vanilla Frosting (white); Night Raspberry (black); Giggly Grape (purple); Candy Apple (red) and Bubble Gum Yum (pink).

About Rotuba
For more than 60 years, Rotuba has been an industry leader in plastic compounding, with its brands including Auracell™ and Naturacell™. Today, Rotuba is at the forefront of the shift to a greener industry with Auracell, a polymer derived from trees and cotton that can incorporate long-lasting scents. Auracell can be reprocessed, recycled and reused in most applications, making it a smart choice for manufacturers looking to meet increasing green demands around the world.

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